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The Knight

The KnightThe Knight can be a little confusing.  It moves in an L shape.  It is also the only piece that jumps squares.

It moves Up, Down, Right, or Left 2 squares, then turns 1 square.

It is only the last square that is important to the knight.  If your pieces or you opponents pieces are on those first 2 squares, it doesn't matter, the knight jumps right over them.  The knight can attack and take a piece that is on the square it lands on. So if your opponent is in one of those final squares of the L, you can take that piece.  If no one is on of those final squares of the L, you can move onto that space.  If another one of your pieces is on the final squares of the L, you cannot move on to that square.

Here is how the knight moves:


Knight Moves

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