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The Pawn

The PawnThe Pawn is the only piece that moves one way, but attacks a different way. 

For the most part, pawns just move Up 1 square. They can not move in any other direction, except when they attack.

The pawn attacks diagonally forward.  So it may only move into the space directly ahead of it, and it can only attack into one of the diagonal spaces directly ahead of it.

If there is a piece, yours or your opponents, that is directly in front of a pawn, then the pawn can not move (at all). Either the piece in front of it has to move away, or an opponent's piece has to land on one of the diagonal squares so your pawn can attack in order for your pawn to continue moving.

The pawn has a couple special moves, including it's first move, getting promoted, and "en passant."

Here is how the pawn moves:


Pawn Moves

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