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03. Have Fun! Instructions On How To Play Chess Using Advanced Moves

Have fun!The best way to get good at chess is to jump in there and play!

Once you get comfortable moving the pieces, you will see how quickly knotted up everything get on the board.  There are some common strategies to keep in mind:

ONE. The first strategy seems obvious - try to get more of your opponent's pieces than they can get of yours.  If you have more powerful pieces on the board it will be easier for you to get them in a checkmate. The most powerful piece is the Queen.  The Rook is the next strongest, the Knight and Bishop are considered about the same, and the Pawn is the weakest piece.

TWO. Another thing to keep in mind is space on the board.  It is generally considered an advantage to have control of more space, giving yourself more options to move around than your opponent.

THREE. The four squares in the center of the board are referred to as the center.  It is a good strategy to try to have control of the center.

FOUR. Get your pawns down the board.  A pawn that just threatens to make it all the way across (and become a queen) can make the pawn a lot more powerful.

Play, Practice, and do some Puzzles!

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