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02. Learn How To Play Chess

The first step in learning to play chess is learning the basic rules and moves of the game. This article will explain about the basic rules and moves associated with the game.

How to play chessSet-Up

Set up the board like this:

Chess set-up


Chess has 2 players.

The object of the game is to capture your opponent's king. When the king is stuck in a position where no matter where the piece moves it can be taken, this is called Checkmate.  If you get your opponent's king in Checkmate, you win.


If you move a piece into a position where you can next capture the king, this is called Check.  It means your opponent now has to move the king into a safe position or they will lose the game.  When you put your opponent in Check, you say "Check," alerting your opponent that now they have to get their king safe or the game is over.

A player can never move the king into a position where it will be in check. And if your king has been put in check by your opponent, you must get out of check immediately on your turn (if you can't, then you are in checkmate, and you lost).


Sometimes in chess there is a draw.  This happens if at the beginning of a player's turn he is not in check, but any move he makes will put him in check.  This is called a stalemate.

You can also get to a draw by eliminating enough pieces to make checkmate impossible. Or, if neither player feels they have a winning chance, they can just agree to a draw.

Starting the game

Whoever plays white goes first.  Then you take turns until the end of the game.

On the first move, only the pawns or knights are free to move.  Every move will open new possibilities for your other pieces.  Please see Chess Pieces for how to move all the pieces.

Once you get started, there are some basic strategies to keep in mind...

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